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ACE Clear Out Services


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How do we Work

The first step is to understand your particular circumstances, the work to be undertaken and any specific requests & needs.

Then,  we will visit the property in order to best assess how the work will be undertaken and to provide a written estimated quote.  This will include a series of recommendations of those items to be relocated, stored, or disposed of, all in accordance with your direction.

Once you are comfortable with using ACE Clear Out Services, the work begins with two options to choose from.

 We can complete the entire job without your hands-on involvement, or

 we can work by your side throughout and physically help to identify, sort and distribute the items. You will be kept informed of the progress.  Importantly, the property and contents will be protected at all times.

All of the practical services can also be arranged – rubbish removal, minor repairs, windows & carpet cleaning, gardening, painting, storage, removalists and anything else that is needed.

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